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Drum Expansion Controller App


The Linn Expansion unit is a replacement for your old ROM. With this unit you can easily replace the old ROM and provide it with a version that is programmable. The new ROM can accommodate 16 samples of 32KB. These samples can easily be changed using the Drum Expansion Controller App.

Drum Expansion Controller App
Steps to Program Your Drum Expansion Unit.

Prepare for setup.
- Download the latest version of the app below.
- Make sure a com port is available.

Programming steps, connecting:
- Open the app
- Select a COM port
- Open COM port the COM port status will become green.
- Make sure that the Linn Expansion Unit is not in programming mode.
- connect the Linn Expansion Unit to the relevant COM port
- In the App, information is shown in the data received screen:

Programming steps, writing data:
- When the Linn Expansion Unit indicates that the switch can be turned, put the unit in programming mode.
-In the App, information is shown in the data received screen:

If the Linn Expansion Unit indicates that data can be written, send the file to the Linn Expansion Controller using one of the 2 options:
- "Send combined file to:"
- "Open and Send file to:"

After the file has been written, a checksum is returned. Calculating the checksum may take a while. This must match the checksum in the app.
The following information can be seen in the Data Received screen:

- If the controller indicates that it is ready, the Linn Expansion Unit can be disconnected and the switch can be removed from the programming position.

Place the unit back into the appliance




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