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The DT-303 introduces a distinctive and original design, setting itself apart from common clones. Featuring three adjustable blends with subtle frequency spectrum variations, it allows users to customize distortion from a mild touch to an intense, overrated experience.

The distortion knop allows you to spice things up from minor to overrated distortion.

Use the filter knob to suppress those high frequencies. A volume knob is added to adjust the output level to your needs.  The bypass knop allows you to switch back to the original sound quickly.

The DT-303 was designed to fit perfect next to your TB-303 or RE-303. With the connections at the back you will have no spaghetti wires hanging over your gear.



  • Robust heavy metal housing

  • 4 distortion types Classic / Turbo / Overdrive / Bypass

  • 3 knobbs for: Distort / Filter / Volume

  • Automatic center positive or center negative detection

  • 9V power supply




We are going to offer this project via Kickstarter.

As soon as this project is available, the latest status will be displayed here.

TARGET DATE: 24 Januari 20


UPDATE 25-01-2024
We've been working very hard over the past 2 weeks to get everything ready on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, we did not achieve our target. This will be postponed and communicated later.

The project has been created and will soon be submitted for review. However, we still have a few issues we want to resolve before we go live. This is about financial matters, VAT returns. The people we need for this are very busy and will soon have time to watch with us.

In the meantime, we are not standing still, we have started production and have ordered all parts. This means we won't have to wait for this in the future.

More coming soon.....


  • Material: metal

  • Height: 33 mm (ex. knobs)

  • Width: 80 mm

  • Depth: 143 mm

  • Weight: 0,64 KG


  • N.A.


  • N.A.


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