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Dtronics Quick Serie


Dtronics Dtronics Quick Serie - MIDI Thru Box.

Dtronic Quick series midi boxes providing the best quality in a easy to carry and easy to use design. They come in a fancy, sturdy and compact translucent blue case. The QT version lets MIDI data of any kind  be sent to multiple MIDI receivers with ultra low latency.


  • Reduces the total Thru-In connections to avoid midi delays.

  • Slave multiple clock devices from one sequencer or computer.

  • Split controller outputs to control 2 or more modules or keyboards.

  • Can be used with all types of midi data: Note information, Controllers, Midi clock, SysEx and Midi Time Code (MTC).

  • Uses ultra fast data manipulation circuits.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Buffered outputs for clean midi data

  • 1 input, 4 output active midi thru box

  • The Dtronics DT-QT is has one mini input and 4 midi thru.

  • Activity LED : The activity LED shows all midi activity received by the DT-QT.

  • Signal cleaner: The signal cleaner cleans up distorted midi data into a fresh and crispy signal.

  • The DT-QT is powered by the incoming midi or externaly via the included USB cable. It not need batteries or a power adaptor but an external usb power supply can be used for more drive strength.

  • Extrem low latency: less than 510 ns on incoming data flank.


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