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Dtronics DT-7 programmer for yamaha DX-7

Add easy programming to your DX7 family
This new product, will give you many years of joy programming your synthesizer.
Designed with the latest technology and high quality components.

The DT-7 is specially designed for the DX7 family and is tested with the following models:

  • DX-5

  • DX-7

  • TX-7

  • TX-802

  • TX-816

In the early 80's the Japanese engineers invented the digital synthesizer, known as the DX-7 the first portable FM digital synthesizer hit the market.
It was a great success followed, making it in practically every top 10 hit in the 80's and 90's.
The beast never got tamed, as the learning curve to operate it was so steep, people started using presets, and barely touched it's vast array of parameters.
At DTronics we have brought many MIDI solutions and even brought new life to the Roland JX-3 and Alpha Juno series through our dedicated programmers the DT-200 and DT-300.
Being one of the most powerful synths in the world we believe that a DX-7 programmer to explore the powerful array of parameters is a worthy addition to our product line.

DTronics presents:
The DT-7 programmer for the DX-series synthesizers. The DTronics DT-7 Programmer uses the same type architecture used in our DT-200 and DT-300 series, but on a massive scale! 

Key features:

  • The DT-7 runs it's own software within it's own processors

  • Firmware updates over MIDI

  • Supporting different types DX-series

  • Provides a knob for every parameter, no layers, no fuss!

  • Easily adjust envelopes of the appropriate operator's Envelope generators, pitch settings, scaling...!


  • Material: steel

  • Side panel: black plastic

  • Height: 75mm

  • Width: 645mm

  • Depth: 245mm

  • Weight: 610 gram

  • Power 9VDC, 3 watt, power supply included

  • DIN cord (DIN5P) is included.


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