Midi to Trigger interface V4


  • Has Midi input and midi thru connectors (included seperately)
  • Has 24 trigger outputs ( 5 volt positive puls, selectable 1ms, 10ms per pulse or note on/off)
  • Has 1 master trigger output ( triggers always when 1 of the 24 outputs are triggered)
  • Triggers notes 36 to 59 (c2 to b3)

When you play a note , the corresponding trigger output will genarate a pulse of 1ms or 10ms,
or will be high as long as the note is on (set with dipswitch) Ideal for your D.I.Y. synthesizer / drumcomputer project.
  • Can be set from channel 1 to 16 with a dipswitch
  • 1ms ,10ms or note on/off selectable with jumper.
  • Trigger outputs are available on 2 14pin headers.
  • Can be set to midi monitor mode.

Input: 8 to 12VDC

Size: 80x60mm

Midi monitor:
When set to midi monitor. The first 16 outputs (note 36 to 52) will show midi traffic per channel.
So note 36 will go high when data on midi channel 1 is present. Note 37 for channel 2 and so on.
Note 59 will go high when a midi clock is present.
Note 60 will go high when another realtime message is present.
You can connect LEDs to the trigger inputs with a 470ohm series resitor to ground for this function.

Trigger numbers
According to the following general-midi drums:
36 Bass Drum 1
37 Side Stick
38 Acoustic Snare
39 Hand Clap
40 Electric Snare
41 Low Floor Tom
42 Closed Hi-Hat
43 High Floor Tom
44 Pedal Hi-Hat
45 Low Tom
46 Open Hi-Hat
47 Low-Mid Tom
48 Hi-Mid Tom
49 Crash Cymbal 1
50 High Tom
51 Ride Cymbal 1
52 Chinese Cymbal
53 Ride Bell
54 Tambourine
55 Splash Cymbal
56 Cowbell
57 Crash Cymbal 2
58 Vibraslap
59 Ride Cymbal 2

ALL: master trigger output ( triggers always when 1 of the 24 outputs are triggered)

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Product code:

- Datasheet mtrv42

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