This unit fits inside your JUNO60 and replaces the DCB plug with a MIDI-in and MIDI-out plug.

The MDCB60 converts the Juno DCB signal to a midi signal, So you can use the Juno midi-out to control other midi devices. It only sends out midi-on and midi-off messages.

It also converts midi to DCB, now you can use the Juno as a sound module and play the Juno with your sequencer. It only converts midi-on and midi-off messages, no other things as control messages or program-change and pitch control.

You can select the midi channel (IN and OUT) with a simple push on the button. A LED shows you the midi channel at power-up, the LED shows midi activity on the midi-in port The mdcb60 has a 3mm thick frontpanel and uses metal midi sockets for heavy duty use.

We designed this internal interface as a simple and cheap midi-dcb converter. If you need more features than only playing notes than you should find another (more expensive) midi-dcb converter. This model fits all Juno60 versions


Product code:

- MDCB60
- MDCB60 V2
- MDCB60 V2 (SMD version)

- none

Open the Juno, disconnect the DCB plug, solder the wires from the dcb plug to the MDCB60V2 Solder the power wire of the MDCB60V2 to the juno 5volt power. Replace the DCB-plug with the MDCB-bracket and your done!!